The mixer trucks are huge, heavy and when they crash, there’s little chance for survival. Although their quality is maybe not questionable and cement mixer rental is done in reliable companies, accidents still happen.

Here are some of the most fatal cement mixer trucks accidents in the recent past:

November 2014, Port Melbourne, Australia

The driver of a Cement Australia truck was killed after it crashed into a car and a tree and immediately caught fire. The truck’s fuel tank found behind the driver’s seat burst into flames on impact. The ensuing blaze completely destroyed the driver’s compartment. It took 9 fire trucks and 35 fire fighters to contain the raging inferno.

October 2015, Seosan, in South Korea’s South Chungcheong Province

3 women were crushed to death after a 25-ton cement mixer truck toppled over and flattened their car. The truck was heading towards traffic stop, when a motorbike suddenly pulled out in front of it. The driver swerved, but the sudden motion caused it to crash into the silver car. Incredibly, the driver survived unhurt.

May 2016, James City County, Virginia USA

The driver of a cement truck was killed after it overturned on Interstate 64 west and burst into flames. The accidents closed down all motor lanes for over 4 hours.

April 2015, Smithville, Missouri USA

Mark Yanits was driving a concrete mixer truck when its tire blew out. He lost control of the truck, it hit a guardrail and crashed. The impact threw the 37-year old war veteran, and single dad of 3, out of the truck and he died. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Yanits had not worn a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

July 2015, Union, Missouri USA

A truck smashed head-on into a small car on Highway 47 between Washington and Union. According to Highway Patrol, a white Ford Escape plowed into the back of the concrete mixer truck and pushed it onto oncoming traffic. The moving truck crashed into the oncoming orange car, instantly killing its driver, 34-year old Jared Gandy.

Both directions of the highway were shut down for hours. 4 town trucks arrived at the scene and it took 2 of them to move the truck from the road side.

April 2016, Apollo, Australia

A concrete mixer truck went over its driver and right into a house in nearby. Overview Cr. Police, paramedics and SES personnel were quick to arrive at the scene near Eagles Nest Court, but unfortunately the victim succumbed to his injuries.

According to police reports, the truck struck the 48-year old driver before it rolled 300m and crashed into the lounge of a nearby home. He died at the scene.

May 2016, Yishun, Singapore

A 59-year old women was hit by a truck, killing her on impact. She was cycling across a pedestrian crossing in the morning hours before the concrete mixer truck crossed into her path. The 50-year old driver was apprehended.

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