Walk-in bathtubs are the new craze in the home improvement industry. Walk-in tubs entail the traditional simple bathtub with the additional feature of a door. These tubs have been highly marketed as being convenient for the elderly and disabled people who can now relax in bathtubs like everyone else.

Is it worth the hype?

Every development and technological advancement come with its pros and cons. Walk in tub reviews reveal the upside and the downside of these devices, hence helping buyers make informed decisions.

Pros of Walk-in Tubs

Safety and easy access – Walk-in tubs have doors on the side of the tub through which user enters. The presence of a door makes the tub available for usage by elderly people and people with certain disabilities since these two groups of people have limited mobility. With the walk-in tub, they can safely and easily access the tub without having to climb over it as it is with traditional bathtubs. The safety aspect reduces bathroom accidents among elderly and disabled people.

Stability and comfort – Walk-in tubs have been created to act as safety nets. These tubs have handrails, textured floors to prevent slipping, and seats for comfortable usage. The existence of handrails eliminates the need for shower curtains that pose a great threat in the event of slipping since most people hold onto them and end up falling.

No spillage – Walk-in tubs are created with an automatic mechanism for shutting the door once water starts filling up in the tub. This prevents any occurrence of spillage in the event that one starts filling the tub with the door still open. Additionally, the user has to wait for the water to drain past the level of the door before the door can open.

Cons of Walk-in Tubs

Expensive – The initial cost of purchasing a walk-in tub is quite fair. However, expenses don’t end with the purchase of the product. Walk-in tubs require additional features that enhance its operation. These features include water jets, fast filling and draining components, and installation. Proper installation of a walk-in tub requires professional assistance, hence that entails a service charge. Affordable walk-in tubs are slow in terms of filling up water and draining. As such, a fast filling and draining model will cost more.

Inconvenient – The filling and draining mechanism of walk-in tubs is a slow process that entails waiting for the tub to fill and drain before and after usage. Filling the tub may take 10-15 minutes that require you to be inside the tub since the door will close. Draining the tub may take up to 6 minutes that will leave you cold as you wait for the water to drain. The time aspect causes inconvenience to users.

Evidently, the features and operation of walk-in tubs may act as both pros and cons depending on the preferences of the user.