Construction sites happen to be some of the most danger-prone and high tension workplaces currently in existence. Below are some of the most common and often dangerous hazards, which construction workers are routinely exposed to.

1. Falls

According to data from the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), falls represented at least 36% of all fatalities in this industry in this year alone.

Many falls hazards that happen in construction sites can at face value appear to be insignificant. This is particularly true when you consider that workers are only briefly exposed to work at dangerous heights. But mounting and dismounting scaffolds without the necessary protective gear is commonplace at construction sites.

At the same time, working on a flat roof can appear deceivingly safe, that is, until workers are forced to venture over to leading edges.

2. Scaffolding accidents

Given, the OSHA has put in place rigid regulations on just which Manhattan tool rental companies’ crews can assemble, oversee and maintain scaffolding systems.

However, many construction firms tend to use and reuse unsafe planks. Others also condone cluttered walkways, which often lead to slips as well as trips. Some others neglect to properly anchor suspended scaffolds.

These shortcuts have been prove to cause numerous accidents on and around scaffolding systems.

3. Failure to use personal protection gear

Quite a large number of construction workers don’t have the inclination to wear hard hats while at work. Some opt to cover their faces with bandanas rather than proper face masks. There are others who regularly forget to bring along their hi-vi vests to work.

This shouldn’t be the case as such equipment can greatly help to mitigate construction site hazards:

  • hard hats can substantially mitigate the risk of struck-by accidents.

  • face shields and respirators can offer protection from exposure to toxic silica dust.

  • eye protection can help alleviate blinding incidents.

4. Heatstroke

Heat stress is an extremely dangerous and very often underplayed construction site hazard in the summer season. This condition can raise body temperature to as high as 106 degrees in just a few minutes, and if ignored can lead to death.

Thus, construction workers need to stay hydrated always, utilize shelter from the glare of the sun and integrate regular breaks to avoid this risk.

5. Electrocution

Electrocution is a very common construction site danger, and has been revealed to account for not less than 10% of all deaths in this industry. Workers can find themselves working in close proximity to live electrical wires or equipment. In some circumstances electric construction tools are not often inspected. While excavation work can commence, prior to underground electrical services be identified and marked.