From sharing impactful visual images to giving ideas that inspire, Pinterest has become one of the leading social media platforms, almost in the league of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and others.

Pinterest is growing at an astounding rate, and while experts are still debating if it’s the next game changer, brands are jumping in to leverage the growing user base it has already amassed.

We’ve investigated some of the best ways for you to use the Pinterest platform to market your brand and connect with your audience. Here they are:

1. Research and Find a Business Match

Understand the medium and find the common grounds of interest among the users of Pinterest and your business, kind of content/images that are a hit in the categories of your interest with maximum likes and repins.

It’s imperative to appreciate the windows of opportunity that can help you maximize your reach and promote your theme or product.

While getting into the system may take some time, a basic understanding can help you get started with it on the right note. This can give you time to interact with the movers and shakers of your domain – those who can get your pins noticed, liked, and repined.

2. Promote More Than Just Products

People can easily identify a user who is out there just to promote his/her products. It exudes a bit intolerant thinking which goes against the spirit of most of the social media.

Connect with people of like-minded interests and promote ideas and thoughts rather than only your products. Though it takes a while to build relationships, authenticity is extremely crucial here.

3. Follow Big Hitters

Find out who likes your pins and repins them. Follow them. The chances are they’ll follow you back. This is a well used method even on Twitter. It helps you raise awareness about your brand.

4. Focus on Quality

Don’t post content simply because you have to complete your target for x number of pins in a day. Make your pins selective and post the ones which reflect what you or your brand stand for. Social media is a transparent medium where quality is respected and followed.

5. Connect Physical with Virtual

Put your Pinterest campaigns at the place where they’ll get maximum footfall of their target audience. Run deals, host competitions, promote events more via Pinterest to boost up sales. This will increase the chances for the user to visit your website or other relevant pages and help in sales/ lead generation.

6. Be Mindful of the Copyright Infringement

Go through Pinterest’s official stance on copyright infringement. It’s better to ask for permission as well as consult social media expert in New Jersey – if you are using other’s images apart from just crediting it and giving a link to the website or blog.

A safer practice to follow is to post your original content, which will also market your brand in the social space.