Every profession has its own risks, which may lead to financial or administrative problems. For example, latish accounting report can result in fines by the public authorities, or get in the way of your career raising.

Mistakes at work can happen to a person of any occupation. Everyone can experience unpleasant aspects related to professional risks. However, there are professions where for a mistake in their work people may lose their own lives.

We present you top 5 dangerous occupations in the world:

1. Crocodile Wrestler

Not the most common, however, one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Every day, for an amusement of the audience, at the risk of their own lives, fighters put their heads in crocodile’s mouth.

Most often, such a profession is found in exotic locations, i.e. at the zoo in Bangkok, Thailand. Similar shows are being held since 1985, consistently collecting crowds.

2. Tree Feller

tree feller standing on the tree

Representatives of this profession consider the most dangerous tree felling on a mountain slope at an angle of 70 degrees. When an error in the calculation happens, tree falls and sweeps away everything in its path. All in all, heavy physical work at this height – with the chain saw and logging equipment on the shoulder – is not for everyone.

3. Tuna Catcher In the High Seas

When you go fishing on weekends to distract yourself from the everyday life and relax, it is an ordinary experience, with no surprises.

But, the work schedule of a tuna catcher is irregular; sometimes it’s necessary to work in complete darkness. Plus, tuna catcher can easily get the in the storm, which can begin at any moment and swallow his boat.

4. Sapper

Work related to the explosives is not only dangerous – it is hazardous. This is not a guessing what posting to cut, red or blue, but everything is going on in reality. Sappers risk their lives every time they go on a new mission.

5. Firefighter

two firefighters holding water hose

When dealing with such a powerful element as fire, misfortune can occur even with top-class professionals who have been thoroughly trained. So, every time firefighters go on a call, they don’t know whether they will come back home safe and alive.

All these professions are very dangerous to health and life.

If you’re also working on a dangerous job, you better use the services of occupational exposure lawyers. But, we hope that you have chosen a more secure profession and successfully work in its sphere.