When setting up furniture in your living room, you must factor in creativity, personal aesthetics and the existing interior décor. Creative arrangement of furniture accentuates the interior décor and architecture of your living space.

This article provides four practical tips on how to set up furniture in a living room.

1. Determine a Focal Point

Determining a focal point in your living room simplifies the process of setting up furniture. The focal point can be a piece of artwork, fireplace, window or a TV. Once you have established the focal point, you can arrange your furniture based on it. If it’s a fireplace, arrange your furniture in a semi-circular layout because a fireplace enhances conversation among people.

2. Create Space Between Furniture and the Walls

The major aim of living space is to enhance a cozy furniture arrangement. So be creative. It’s not wise to push furniture pieces such as sofa sets against the walls. Regardless of whether your living room is large or small, allow some space between furniture and the walls. Why should you do so? Creating a few inches between furniture and walls enhances:

  • An intimate seating area which encourages more conversation.
  • It makes a small living room appear bigger.
  • Also, if well done, angling furniture is great if it goes hand in hand with the living room’s architecture.

3. Create Balance

Balance is an important part of interior décor. In setting up furniture in the living room, consider two things: size and placement of different furniture pieces. Create balance by following these rules:

  • Evenly place furniture pieces: mix both small and large furniture pieces instead of separately placing them. This will prevent uneven space distribution in your living room.
  • Use furniture pieces of various shapes. If your seating is straight lined, then opt for a round coffee table.
  • Harmonize the scale of your furniture pieces with the scale of your living room.

4. Keep In Mind Traffic Flow

Will your furniture arrangement facilitate easy movement in and out of the living room? Will it be easy for people to pass around your furniture? Ensure there is adequate space to allow people to move from one area of the living room to another as well as around furniture.

To set up furniture pieces in your living room in a way that enhances interior décor, plan beforehand. Consult an interior designer to sketch your preferred furniture layout and arrangement plan.



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