New buildings are rarely built compared to the way it was before, and we should maintain and preserve our old buildings. Very rarely do you see new structures being made just because of the increased cost of new structures.

If you have a historic building that needs preservation, here are some useful tips:

1. Clean the Building

Clean the building with a pressure washer and a soft acid wash. Be careful not to add excess acid to your mixture to make sure you don’t damage the stones or bricks. You should then use a heavy scrub brush to scrub and remove all the dirt. Using a pressure washer would also work; you just need to be careful not to destroy the surface if you are using high-pressure water.

2. Reinforce the Walls with Wall Anchors

reinforcing crumbling brick wall

Reinforce the crumbling walls with wall anchors. These anchors should get drilled in with a metal anchor bolt that is set to hold it in place. You can use other methods such as wall support with galvanized mesh for crumbling stucco walls.

Change steel lentils over doors and windows. These can be dangerous if not reinforced correctly and braced up.

3. Replace Broken or Missing Building Parts

You should do the replacement as you go so that your mortar color remains consistent with the mortar joints that are surrounding. Bad masonry parts are ones that are spalling, cracked or just plain falling apart.

Take good care of the caps of building walls if they get capped with stone or concrete — this is the first part of defense from deterioration and water damage. If the cap gets compromised, your wall may get destroyed by the elements of snow, rain, and ice.

4. Do a Good Tuckpointing Job


You should tuckpoint the whole building or wall. If you only grind out the bad parts, you will notice a variation in the color of the patched parts.

Tuckpointing the whole building will ensure a quality job that fully matches.

Don’t Wait!

Historic building preservation is essential and should be done by a professional tradesman who has been in the construction field for a long time. If you have a structure or building that needs preservation, don’t wait for a long time to restore it. The more you wait, the more damages it will have. Get it fixed immediately.