Every year, more than 200,000 children between the age of 10 and 17 are arrested for some form of criminal offense.

These criminal cases go from the standard impulsive teenage mannerisms and habits that almost all children showcase to the innocent cases of simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But, remember: panic and blame only make things worse.

Of course, the natural response when you hear that your child has been detained is to find out what kind of trouble he has gotten into and to rush to the station where the child has been apprehended.

The appropriate step after the discovery of your child’s arrest is backing him up with the best possible defense you can offer. This can be a difficult task; many parents are unprepared for a dilemma of this particular nature.

To get the best criminal attorney, you must first find out the nature of the crime that your child may or may not have committed, as well as few other things that influence the trial.

2 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Lawyer

1. The Crime Committed

Sometimes, some minor offenses like shoplifting can be forgiven if the stolen item was of little value and if it’s paid for.

However, if the crime is of a higher caliber, like being caught with drugs or drunk driving, then it is advised to get an attorney fast.

2. Child’s Age

If the child is a minor and younger than 12 or 13, the crime is sometimes forgiven – but only if it’s an offense of little seriousness.

After considering these things, the next step is to pick a lawyer to defend your child and get him acquitted as soon as possible.

3 Things to Consider for Hiring a Lawyer

1. Juvenile Experience

Above anything else, try to get a lawyer that has the experience in representing children in court.

If the lawyer doesn’t have the experience and extensive knowledge of juvenile law and its workings, he may treat the case with less objectivity and intensity than is necessary.

2. Proximity

Try to hire a lawyer whose practice is close to where the child was arrested. It is not only convenient, but gives him incentive to prioritise the case.

3. Honesty

The child arrest is an incredibly sensitive and worrisome subject, especially to the parent, and many lawyers are trained to handle it lightly and with care.

However, this is not what you need because the best lawyer for this type of situation is one that will tell you the absolute truth.

The child arrest is an unfortunate situation and can cause a lot of stress, for both the parents and the children. But thankfully, it’s the one that can be handled well if you just follow appropriate guidelines and try not to panic.