What are E-cigarettes?

These are battery-operated devices. They function by heating a cartridge liquid containing nicotine and other chemicals into a vapor. Because these E-cigarettes work by heating the liquid nicotine instead of tobacco, the released end product is smokeless.

Are E-cigarettes Harmless?

Before picking any device from the best electronic cigarette brands & reviews for 2016, here is what you need to know:

The primary difference between e-cigarettes and the traditional cigarettes is that these e-cigarettes are tobacco-free. However, it’s not tobacco alone that causes cancer. Conventional cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, and e-cigarettes do contain some of the chemicals.

FDA has revealed that e-cigarettes have detectable levels of unknown toxic chemicals. In their cartridges, the FDA detected a toxic compound often found in antifreeze, tobacco-specific elements that have been proven to cause cancer in humans, plus a couple of toxic tobacco-specific impurities.

Additionally, these liquid cartridges contain formaldehyde, which is known to have the potential of causing cancer in humans. Formaldehyde is present in e-cigarettes at a level much higher than the maximum recommended by the E.P.A.

Your body’s reaction to the chemicals contained in traditional cigarettes results in long-lasting inflammation, which in turn leads to the occurrence of chronic diseases. E-cigarettes too, have some such toxic chemicals, and there is no concrete reason to believe that they significantly decrease the risks to diseases.

Are There Long-term Studies Backing Their Safety?

Currently, no long-term studies support the claims that the vapor emitted by these e-cigarettes is less harmful. Cancer takes ages to develop, and e-cigarettes were only introduced in the US just recently.

Scientifically, it’s impossible to tell whether a product increases individuals’ risk of cancer unless the product has been used for more than ten years. Despite the positive reviews from the various users of the e-cigarettes, it’s essential to note very little is known concerning their safety.

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The Young and the E-cigarettes

The percentage number of teenagers who have used the e-cigarettes has worryingly increased in the last five years. According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey conducted in 2015, nearly three million students in the United States tried e-cigarettes. Additionally, one out of five of students who admitted that they had tried these cigarettes said that they had never used the conventional ones.

Why is the use of e-cigarettes by children worrisome?

  • Nicotine and other chemicals found in e-cigarettes could potentially impact on the younger people’s brain development.
  • E-cigarette smoking might introduce some young people to the world of smoking, who might never have smoked otherwise! They risk exposing their lungs to harmful compounds.

The Bottom Line

The truth of the matter is that e-cigarettes have not been around for quite that long, implying that it’s quite early to determine whether they are indeed harmful to users after long term use.