When we talk beach weddings, we imagine feet in the warm sand and lovely flows of ocean waters moving back and forth a little into the venue. On the other hand, indoor weddings will happen in an enclosed venue, usually inside a hotel.

Let’s take a look at the pros and con’s of beach weddings and indoor weddings and, by the end of our arguing, we will know the winner wedding venue.

Beach Wedding vs. Indoor Wedding

Beach Wedding

During a beach wedding, you must worry about the weather. If it rains, chances are that some of your visitors might leave the venue. But the pro is that if you think ahead and set a plan on how to curb the rain when it comes. Part your fiancés back: your wedding will turn out an amazing experience flooded with showers of blessing.

If you are in New Jersey, which has 130 miles of coastline painted with beaches, you’re lucky that from experience, these hotels will offer you with all sorts of rain sheltering options while at your weddings NJ. Several beach hotels will provide umbrellas. Just make sure you have these ready as soon as the rain sets in.

The other option would be to just have fun in the rain; you’ll be surprised how memorable this could be for your guests and yourselves.

The absolute truth is that a beach wedding is cheap. You’ll get your venue decoration as a gift from nature. Very little will have to be done; just add a little color to the backdrop of the already colorful white sand and blue waters.

Your feet won’t need some $400 wedding shoes; neither will your fiancé’s. All you have to do is walk down the aisle in bare feet soaked in hips of soil. Isn’t that lovely?

And who doesn’t want to take off their clothes and jump into the beautiful warm waters for an after wedding party?

Indoor Wedding

With an indoor venue, you have all the freedom to be creative with the venue decoration.

There are also a variety of styles and themes available. Plus, an indoor wedding can be more intimate as there are no distractive noises from cars or water gushing waves from the ocean.

You’ll wear your lovely heels that will make you appear taller and sexier, slip on your wedding dress that you dreamt of since a child, and walk down the aisle proud. You won’t have to worry about your old grandma and other cold-allergic guests shivering while at your indoor wedding.

So, Are Beach Weddings Still Popular?

The straight answer is – yes. Many couples are saving money and enjoying the beach sceneries for memorable weddings. No one wants to have a $15000 indoor venue when they can hire a beautiful beach venue for almost half the price.