Author: Lonnie Herrera

Planning a Trip to Disney? Consider These Tips

In case you’re thinking of a great place to visit, then Disney world should come to your mind. As they say, Disney land is a place “where all dreams come true.” The Weather The first thing that makes a trip here really memorable is the weather. It’s perfect! Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine! So, while packing your stuff for the trip, you can forget about umbrellas and raincoats – pack T-shirts and sun hats. Guidance Another great thing in Disney land are the tour companies that offer guidance. They are well-qualified, courteous people whose aim is to make your...

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Small Grocers Coming Together to Fight Big Retail Chains

Small grocery store owners are deeply concerned about their livelihoods since big retail chains such as BJ’s Wholesale Club and Wegmans continue to open additional branches in the Greater Boston neighborhoods. The presence of new competition is quite daunting to small grocers battling it out with large companies to gain market share. For instance, Stop & Shop is the most successful grocery store in the Northeast region, with about 12.35 percent of the market share. Dave’s Marketplace at Rhode Island, which is the largest independent grocery store, controls only 0.07% of the Northeast market share, as claimed by the...

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3 Garage Organization Ideas for More Garage Space in 2016 and Beyond

Are you looking for extra room in your garage? Well, the first step to having an organized garage this year is identifying what you need and what you no longer need. Getting rid of the unwanted stuff will free up space in your garage and help you maximize it. In today’s post, we have compiled 3 ways in which you can use your walls and ceilings to create extra room and organize your garage in 2016 and beyond. So, are you ready? Let’s go! 1. Industrial Racks If you have stuff that you don’t need every day, like camping...

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