The increasing use of Smartphone and other Android mobile devices has increased the expenses of using wireless internet connection. Some of the providers of wireless internet connection claim to provide unlimited data transfer packages to attract more users but in fact, you’ll be charged, in one way or the other, for the number of bytes you have used.

Some effective ways to reduce your wireless expenses in 2016 are discussed here under.

Know the Usage of Your Data

Instead of overestimating the usage of your data, you should make the decision for the allotment of data to you after knowing some hard facts in this regard. You should review your data usage during last few months by logging on the website of your service provider. It will help you in selecting a suitable plan according to your usage.

You can also opt for a rollover plan to reduce your wireless expenses so that your leftover data can be transferred to your next month’s account.

Set Limits and Alerts for Data Usage

You can control the usage of your data by setting your limits on your devices by going to its settings and data usage option. Similarly, you can set alerts on your devices to alert you about your data usage for a particular period by showing its details on your screen.

If you want to change these settings, any or both, in any month, then you’ll have to do it yourself when required.

Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

You can also reduce your wireless expenses by using Wi-Fi whenever and wherever possible. Many carriers offer hotspot network to their clients so that they can get connected automatically with their network whenever they are within the range. So while entering to some new place, you should check the availability of Wi-Fi connectivity to reduce the usage of your cellular data.

Reduce the Use of Background Data

Sometimes you even do not realize that the use of your background data is draining out the data allotted to you. Your phone starts downloading to updates of new apps automatically, or your device starts to sync the new messages as you receive them, even if you don’t need it. You should stop or limit such activities to reduce your wireless usage expenses.

Change Your Habits While Browsing

If you’re using a mobile device to use your wireless connectivity, then you should browse only the mobile versions of the websites instead of their desktop versions to avoid the over usage of the data required for browsing the later ones.

Browsing and preserving a cache can be a good option for you to reduce your wireless expenses – if you have enough storage on your mobile device.