Commercial transportation is a necessity. Whether you are commuting between office and home or eagerly waiting for your shopping parcel, you need access to commercial transportation on a daily basis.

In recent years, commercial transportation has become increasingly relevant. In 2015, the commercial transportation sector fared well in most countries. Though the sector didn’t witness a surge in profits, it registered a relatively steady progress.

In today’s world, transportation and logistics companies are constantly renovating themselves to become more relevant and useful. And this process is most likely to continue with new trends emerging in 2016.

Here are the three commercial transportation trends you must pay attention to in 2016:

1. The Rising Importance of Commercial Transportation

With the invent of online shopping, commercial transportation has become all the more important, and transportation and logistics companies are quite aware of this particular change. These companies understand pretty well that commercial transportation is a sector capable of yielding considerable profits.

However, since more and more players are entering the commercial transportation market, competition has also become quite steep. In such a scenario, in 2016, the cost will not be the only factor affecting shipping decisions. This year, various other factors will also come into play.

Transportation companies will move from price considerations to other factors like sales volume, product mix and meeting the expectation of their clients and customers. Unex has already been making steady moves in this direction.

2. Higher Demands

These days, people do not only shop for clothes and electric appliances online. The Internet has become the most accessible shopping center – from sensitive products like pharmaceuticals and food items to precious commodities like gold and diamond jewelry.

People are ordering almost everything online. The delivery of these products is a tricky business as these products require careful handling and safe, reliable and quick delivery.

In 2016, the demand for companies that can handle sensitive and expensive products will lead to more and more high-margin shippers entering the market.

3. Hindrance Elimination

While transportation companies strive hard to deliver products as soon as possible, sometimes, their work is made difficult by the many obstacles that come in the way.

These various factors include:

  • labor strikes
  • weather atrocities
  • high peak seasons
  • geopolitical uncertainties.

They can directly affect the work of commercial transportation companies and their employees.

In 2016, the key players in this sector will strive hard to eliminate these factors that prove to be a hindrance to the work of commercial transportation industry.

Transportation and logistics companies will focus on reassessing their procurement process and logistics system.